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NailsWhaaat is the digital representation of our client, Alexandra, a talented and passionate young nail artist, to create NailsWhaaat - a digital representation of her nail studio that perfectly embodies her personality and growing community.

The challenge

When Alexandra approached us, her studio had no consistent online presence. Our challenge was to build everything from scratch, starting with the development of a coherent identity and guidelines that could be used across multiple channels, including:
  • Physical studio
  • Presentation website
  • Social media
  • Merchandise online shop

Our solution


We kicked off with a meet & greet session where we learned more about the person behind the brand. This was followed by the creation of a mood board to get a sense of what is the brand's direction. Once the client agreed with our implementation, we continued following our branding process.
We started off by developing a mood board to establish the brand's direction and then created a concise brand book containing a responsive logo, color palette, typography and hierarchy, but also auxiliary elements such as graphical bits, illustrations, and patterns. This cohesive branding was applied across all channels, from the physical studio to the online presence.


NailsWhaaat - Logotype

Colors & Typography

Colors & Typography

Auxiliary elements

Auxiliary Elements

Online presence

Internal management

We recognize that efficient internal management is crucial for business success. Prior to our involvement, NailsWhaaat was tracking activity using pen and paper. To simplify this process, we configured a cloud-based workspace and a CRM system, which automate some of the daily tasks such as customer management, bookings, and stock management. With this system in place, Alexandra can easily keep track of everything, even while on the go.

Social media

As for social media, Instagram is NailsWhaaat's primary communication channel, so we integrated the CRM and prepared a social media kit containing an avatar, story thumbnails, backgrounds, and stickers.


Finally, to round out NailsWhaaat's online presence, we created a stunning Shopify store that truly showcases Alexandra's unique personality and style. The store boasts a vibrant color scheme and striking visuals that are perfectly aligned with the brand's identity. Our team worked diligently to ensure a seamless user experience, making the store easy to navigate and ensuring all key information was easily accessible. From browsing to checkout, the process is a breeze, ensuring customers have a delightful experience every step of the way.
Whether customers are visiting the physical studio or shopping online, NailsWhaaat's brand identity is now consistent and cohesive across all channels, making it a true standout in the industry.


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Cluj-Napoca, Romania



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