Mobile Text Alerts

Revamping an Advanced SaaS

Collaborator: Vimbly Group


Mobile Text Alerts is an online SMS marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes send bulk text messages to customers. The platform comes with picture messaging, drip campaigns, group creation, automated replies, mobile surveys and more.

Project highlights

After pinpointing areas for improvement, we subtly restructured the already existing project to enhance organization and promote code reusability, adhering to the 'Don't Repeat Yourself' (DRY) principle.

Component development

Throughout our partnership, we helped MTA create a foundational component library using Storybook. We leaded the development of key components such as:

Configurable tables

Powering almost 50% of the app's feature pages
MTA - Table

Message composition boxes

Ready to build and deliver sophisticated text messages
MTA - Composition box

Feature development

Additionally, we played a key role on in the conceptualization and creation of important MTA features, including:


Enabling real-time text (SMS/MMS) conversations with end-users
MTA - Inbox

Sign-up Forms

Builder with intuitive drag-AND-drop & rich text features
MTA - Sign-up Forms

Web Banners

Customizable and embeddable, made to capture user details and provide sign-up discounts
MTA - Web Banners

Design enhancements

Observing a gap in cohesive visual presentation, we initiated a design normalization campaign. The aim was twofold:
  • to harmonize the existing design elements on both desktop and mobile
  • to establish stricter design guidelines for UI component creation, ensuring MTA's digital presence was both functional and visually cohesive.

Colors Standardization

We revisited the color palette, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing set of colors was used throughout the project.
MTA - Colors

Asset Management

A coherent strategy was put into play to determine the selection and integration of assets across various features.
MTA - Icons

Component Refinement and documentation

Finally, we undertook the task of standardizing and refactoring the app's components to improve the Developer Experience (DX). Our focus was on reusability and agility, with essential components documented in Storybook.
MTA - Components Edit
MTA - Components Usage

B2B & B2C

UI & UX, Web Development

New York, United States



months of active development


Components refactored & documented


Major features delivered
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