Revitalizing Gica's Sales with Bespoke Software

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Softisfy had the pleasure of partnering with Gica, a Romanian retail chain store specializing in pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. With nine physical stores and an online shop, Gica was in need of an upgrade to their existing system that was outdated. We were excited to take on the challenge of optimizing their sales with our bespoke software solution.

The challenge

Gica's outdated system was hindering their growth potential. They needed a modern solution that would help them improve their sales and online presence. Our task was to migrate all of their existing business (from retail offers creation and stock and service management, all the way to e-commerce and sale statistics) to new bespoke platforms that would help them achieve their goals.

Our solution

To achieve the best outcome for Gica, we split the project into multiple steps that included visual identity, cloud infrastructure configuration, and software development.

Crafting the visual identity

Our team of experts first began with crafting a brand book that included a new logo, colors, fonts, and various guidelines. We wanted to create a new identity that would resonate with Gica's target audience while also establishing a strong visual presence based on an existing friendly look.

Gica - Logo Redesign
Gica - Identity

Reshaping existing tools

After redesigning and prototyping the interfaces in Figma, we moved on to implementing a bespoke ERP solution using React and Ant Design on the frontend and Express JS and Prisma JS on the backend.
This allowed us to reshape Gica's existing tools and provide them with a new system capable of creating tailored offers with high-quality presentations, managing hardware service, handling product sales, and maintaining their ecommerce platform with orders, sales, vouchers, and more. The new system provides Gica with a streamlined and efficient way of managing their business operations.


Gica - Legacy ERP


Gica - ERP Offers

Gica - ERP Statistics

Gica - ERP Articles Management

As for Gica's e-commerce platform, we harnessed the power of Next.JS to create a fast and mobile-friendly website, which utilized the same brain as the ERP system. This approach provides Gica's customers with a seamless experience and makes it a breeze for employees to manage their day to day duties.


Gica - Legacy E-comm


Gica - E-Comm PLP

Gica - E-Comm PDP

Gica - E-Comm Cart

Gica - E-Comm Contact

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Gica and help them achieve their growth potential. With our bespoke software solution, they were able to modernize their existing system, establish a strong visual identity, and optimize their sales.

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