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Cywareness is a military grade cyber awareness company designed to increase organizational awareness of threats and minimize the risk of cybercrime attacks. It uses an automated cybercrime simulator to imitate various attack scenarios and educate users on how to recognize and respond to them effectively.

The challenge

Considering that Cywareness is a cyber-attack simulation platform, it's essential for it to contain a diverse range of highly believable templates for users undergoing the test. Our challenge was to expertly craft authentic email and web page templates, putting the targeted individuals within companies to the test. Furthermore, a crucial aspect of the challenge involved designing a solution that would seamlessly integrate with existing systems while enabling Cywareness employees to effortlessly manage the created templates.

Our solution

At Softisfy, we meticulously crafted a dual-component strategy:
  • A template engine for crafting templates in isolation
  • A hybrid platform for managing existing templates, as well as creating and testing new ones with ease

The template engine

We developed a simple template engine based on Gulp JS and SASS, enabling the coding of templates in the required format for hosting and sending emails. Concurrently, the engine empowers real-time testing of web pages and emails, ensuring optimal performance across targeted devices.

Phishing templates

built with the template engine
Cywareness - Mercedes Benz Email Phishing Attempt
Cywareness - Mercedes Benz Web Phishing Attempt
Cywareness - Toyota Email Phishing Attempt
Cywareness - Toyota Web Phishing Attempt

The hybrid platform

For the second project, we developed a hybrid platform utilizing React & Ant Design on the frontend, while incorporating a Node server with Express.js on the backend. The application integrates with MongoDB for authentication and metadata completion for the templates. From a technical perspective, the content management of the templates is achieved through a seamless integration with GitHub API, the content being saved directly to the repository. This approach ensures intelligent cloud storage and automatic building of templates upon modification, making them available for use in the shortest possible time.
The user interface boasts a sleek, intuitive design, empowering users with the ability to effortlessly accomplish various tasks: adding new templates, fine-tuning existing templates (at the code level, complemented by real-time preview functionality), and attaching metadata to existing templates. Furthermore, the application supports template deletion and status modification, paving the way for optimal utilization and streamlined workflow.
In summary, the platform we created is a hybrid between a classic Node application and a headless git-based CMS that facilitates efficient template management for the Cywareness' employees.

User interface of CyBO

The hybrid management platform
CyBO - Login
CyBO - Phishing Templates
CyBO - Louis Vuitton Template
CyBO - Coca-Cola Template
CyBO - Mercedes Benz Template

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